Want FREE tickets to ECOfair360?

If you're near Milwaukee, WI, you should know about EcoFair 360.  At the Walworth County Fairgrounds July 8-10, 2011, there's going to be over 250 exhibitors, Speakers and Demonstrations sharing the latest and greatest in the wonderful world of eco-friendly! Whether you want to know more about greening the economy, your home, or the foods you eat, EcoFair360 has it all.

Coming up in a few weeks, we'll be presenting about Natural Laundry at the Fair. Come and meet us, learn about some really great things you can do do be more eco-friendly in your laundry room, as well as a whole lot more at the Fair!

Would you like to win FREE tickets to the show? We're giving out a pair of tickets to the first 5 people that tell us what they think the best way to green your laundry is! Don't wait, it's going to be a really great show this year!

*NOTE* Be sure to include your email address in your comment so we know how to get a hold of you! 


  1. The best way to green my laundry is skip the commercial fabric softener! Use PVC-free dryer balls and/or vinegar in your rinse.

  2. Only use powder detergent in recyclable containers.

  3. I only use biodegradable detergents that are free of additives like enzymes, whiteners, brighteners, and all the other junk that is not needed. If we need a softener we use viniger in the rinse cycle. We only wash using cold water, saves alot of energy! We hang dry our clothes most of the time unless it is towels or something, and we use handmade wool dryerballs made of 100% wool in the dryer. For stain fighting usually baking soda and vinigar or borax! Sometimes I do use Yoreganics stain remover they're ecofriendly. Our main detergent is Soap nuts, a natural detergent!
    We use cloth diapers and we hand wash them in our bathtub to save energy, and of course hang drying them. Any more tips you can think of for me because I'm not sure how much more green our laundry routine can get! lol

    mphin278 at yahoo dot com

  4. I typically use the product rocking green to help with whitening. Soap nuts for wash, and vinegar for a softener.

  5. No dryer sheets, use dryer balls instead. Better yet, hang your laundry out to dry.