The Cloth Diapering Trend

More and more parents today are choosing cloth. In fact, about 10% of all diapers are reusable. Only a few years ago, the number was dramatically lower.

The new generation of parents are not interested in the traditional form of cloth diapers. They want convenience, simple to use diapers that work well, and also happen to come in an assortment of fun colors. Reusables now come in a range of styles, tailored to parent’s specific preferences, from All-in-ones (AIO) to Pocket Diapers, and everything in between, diapers have come a long way from the old style pins and prefolds with rubber pants. Even more recently, a new style of diapering has cropped up, All-In-Twos (AI2). This type of diaper is a cover system and an insert, kind of like a wrap and prefold, but simpler and more easy to use.

With the increased awareness in cloth diapers, it has become so much more acceptable to give diapers as gifts. Giving new parents reusable diapers is a great option and your gift continues to bless the family for years.

The cost savings alone is a great reason to switch to cloth. Disposables cost families over $2,500.00, where reusables can cost as low as $125.00. Cloth uses much fewer raw materials and the landfill waste is next to nothing. With fewer rashes in cloth, you won’t need anywhere near the amount of diaper cream to add to the costs of diapering.

Modern cloth diapers have reinvented a basic need. Simple, convenient and fun, reusable diapers are a great option for our children.


  1. Hi! I found your blog from Giveaway Blogdom! I'm so excited about the cloth diapering trend! I hope it continues to grow and expand! Thanks for helping to promote it!

  2. I plan on using Sprout Change for my baby when he/she is born. It just makes sense to use cloth & Sprout Change is so well designed! I hope that people give diapers as gifts at the shower!