Diapering Today DVD Available Now!

 The First of Its Kind 2-Disc DVD Guide

Diapering Today is the new film offering those interested in cloth diapering an easy to digest way to learn everything about modern diapering. Education is the key to getting more parents to try cloth, and Diapering Today takes interested parents through the process and turns them into informed consumers ready to use cloth successfully.
This original DVD production has real parents giving real advice about real diapers. For the first time on video, new parents can learn everything they need to know before they try cloth diapers: 

- Why Cloth Makes Sense
-How to Use Diapers
-Types of Cloth Diapers
-How to Get Started
-Troubleshooting, including Washing Tips
-Potty Training Help
-How to Make Cloth More Affordable
-Learn the Terms
 -And So Much More!

The complete Diapering Today trailer can be found here:   http://ow.ly/7c84C

Available for purchase now: http://ow.ly/7cwUC 

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