Waffles are an Anytime Food

    I rarely make pancakes or waffles from boxed mixes.  This is because I am rarely awake during normal breakfast hours.  I did however, one afternoon, decide to give 'Simply Organic Pancake and Waffle Mix' a spin.  It's a totally organic, gluten free mix that makes pancakes OR waffles!  It was also really handy for lazy Friday afternoon.

    It's been some time since I have had cause to use a waffle iron, I was excited.  I completely disregarded the mix's pancake capabilities, pancakes are boring.  I also decided to forego using the rather strange sounding mexican pancake pizza recipe that was provided on the side of the box.  That would perhaps be too exciting.

    The preparation instructions were clear in their intent, but still somewhat misleading.  The box assumes that you want to only eat a few waffles.  The box is wrong.  Do yourself a favor, make the whole box (I got about 12 waffles).  There are also instructions on how to prepare waffles for vegans.  The mix was mixed, the iron was hot and oiled.  It was time.

    The waffle batter was exceptionally thick and cooked somewhat slowly.  The end result was a very nice golden brown crisp crust on the outside and a cakey, somewhat dense inside.  I noticed that the waffle didn't become limp or soggy with maple syrup.  The flavor was simple and not too doughy or sweet.  I smiled.  And then I finished the waffle.

    It was an altogether pleased by my waffle.  I am altogether pleased by the mix.  It saved me a lot of clean-up.  I did not have to hire a detective to find the baking powder hidden somewhere in my pantry.  In short, it made gluten free waffles, quickly and they tasted good.

If you're interested, we do have this available in Reusable Future, here. 

Bon Appetit!

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