Chef Pierre debuts at Cafe Willow!

On behaf of all of our family here at Reusable Future, we're proud to announce the newest member of our team, Chef Pierre! Chef Pierre is a seasoned French Chef, and is joining us to create our very own Cafe Willow, serving fresh, awesome meals to our staff and family.

Here's a little background about Chef Pierre, in his own words...

"Chef Pierre is a mammal, as characterized by the fact that he is covered in hair.  Trained in the arts of French cooking, from a young age Pierre was fascinated by infomercials for cooking products, read cookbooks secretly in the bathroom, and ate pretty much everything.  Recently he has devoted much of his time to travel, live music, and foodie culture.  Now, relocated to the small town of Verona in search of the elusive perfect job, he is tasked with conceptualizing and executing exciting, healthy meals and snacks.  There will be struggles along the way as he learns to cope with different diets, exotic ingredients, picky children and green living.  He'll be writing about food, cooking, and eating for Reusable Future a couple of times a week while he cooks healthy meals for a hungry family of six.  Occasionally he is going to talk about products that help with either cooking or eating.  He promises to be on his best behavior."

We'll be hearing a lot from Chef Pierre in the coming weeks as he creates his masterpieces for us every day....Welcome Chef Pierre! 

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