New Parent's Gift Guide

When you have a baby, you’re bound to get a lot of stuff. It’s a fact of life, babies come with a lot of baggage, like strollers, car seats, cribs and the like. So if you are interested in giving your child a more natural, less commercialized childhood, and understand the importance of simplifying, it may feel a bit daunting to try to weed through all the baby stuff you do and don’t need.

We’ve broken down the list by when you need them, so you can see that not everything is crucial to have at first. You may find that some things you don’t need at all, depending on your situation, and your personal preferences.

Basic Baby Needs

As Soon As Baby Arrives
  • Cloth diapers.
  • Clothes. Babies need something to wear! This is a great place to ask friends and family for help... Do you know anyone that recently had a baby and has something to pass down? Or try a second hand store. When babies are tiny, they grow so quickly the clothes typically don’t have a chance to get worn out, so used is a great resource, and you can save a bundle! You don’t have to go overboard, a few outfits work just fine.
  • A newborn hat. Little ones lose a lot of important heat through their head, so keeping it covered saves baby’s energy for growing.
  • A few blankets to keep baby warm and snuggled.
  • Car Seat (this one you should get new, for safety).
  • Diaper wipes, reusable if possible
  • Breastfeeding supplies like nursing pads and nipple cream (some moms don’t need this, but it can be very useful), and a breast pump if mom is going back to work.

Shortly After Baby Comes
  • Baby carrier.
  • Baby Shampoo/Wash, all natural. The fewer the chemicals on the label the better, especially if you can pronounce them!
  • Natural pacifiers, or at least BPA free. Be sure to wait until baby is good at feeding before introducing this, so there’s no confusion.
  • BPA free or glass bottles. Try to wait to be sure breastfeeding is secure before introducing new ways of feeding, but a few bottles can come in handy if mom can’t be next to baby for a feeding, and she has pumped extra milk for her little one.
  • Natural diaper cream.
  • Natural laundry detergents, like soap nuts or one that’s safe for baby’s sensitive skin. You don’t want to use one with a lot of chemicals.

A Few Months After Baby Is Here
  • Homemade baby food making supplies, like a small food processor or hand crank food mill and stainless steel ice cube trays to freeze the meals.
  • A few eco-friendly toys, baby rattles from natural fibers like cotton, hemp, wood.
  • Stroller.
  • Bibs, just a few. Little ones are super messy when they’re first learning the concept of food. 
  • A baby spoon or two. Having a few means baby can hold one and play with while you try to wiggle a bite in their mouth!
  • BPA-free or stainless steel sippy cups for when baby is ready to drink independently.

                Priceless (and often overlooked) Gifts for New Parents
  • Frozen or fresh meals for after baby is born, or a “coupon” for delivery of fresh meals after baby arrives.
  • “Gift Certificates” to watch older siblings after baby arrives
  • Help with daily things like laundry, housekeeping, so new parents can rest and get to know their little ones.
  • If you can't be near the new parents, enlisting the help of a birth or postpartum doula can be the next best thing!

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