What does reversible mean?

A reversible diaper? What is that?

So you have never heard of a reversible diaper? That’s because Sprout Change is the only reversible diaper available!

It’s really quite simple. Each Sprout Change Shell comes with two colors. Let’s take a look at Lemon Ice, for example.

Both of these pictures above are of the same diaper shell. The picture to the left shows the shell in “side snapping” position, with the aqua color facing out. The picture on the right shows the same diaper shell in “front snapping” position, with the lemon color facing out.

Looking at the images, you can see that each both of the colors on the diaper (in this case aqua and lemon) can be used on the outside of the shell. 

To reverse the diaper, simple place the color you want on the outside of the shell facing down, and the other color facing baby. When you snap it around baby, your color of choice is facing out and you’re set. It’s as simple as that!

The image above is a set of 5/6 lb. twins both wearing Sprout Change in Skyberry Shells.

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