Overnight in Cloth

Cloth diapers can be used successfully overnight. Sometimes, all that is necessary is a few extra layers for longer absorbency, and it can work great. For babies that are heavy wetters, extra absorbency, in other words, more layers are necessary. This doesn’t have to be complicated, but it takes a bit of trying sometimes to find the right combination for your little one. To add to this, as babies get older or go through a growth spurt, their absorbency needs will change.

For overnight here's a few options that work for the majority of babes in cloth:

1. 2 Super Saver Inserts organic.
1 Super Saver Organic, under 1 Staydry (2 total Inserts). Having the Staydry next to baby can mean that they sleep a little longer, but you have the backup absorbency of the Organic, which has 3 layers of hemp.
Use 1 Softsleeve with our hemp prefolds. This gives you a ton of absorbency, without the extra bulk, and baby feels dry like in a pocket style diaper.

Keep in mind that newborns will probably be fine with one insert, and may not even need the extra absorbency that hemp offers.

In addition, if you already have some cloth diapering components, you can customize your personal system to work exactly with your situation. For instance, if you are using prefolds, and want more overnight coverage, simply add a pocket insert behind the prefold, and you'll have added a lot of extra absorbency, for a very minimal investment. There's definitely no need to start from scratch if you have diapers already!

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