SoftSleeves...... So, what are they?

SoftSleeves are exactly that. Super soft sleeves (think sleeves you put your arm in) that have two convenient openings that work great for stuffing with pretty much anything.  They come in your choice of organic (organic cotton fleece) or staydry (microfleece).

The SoftSleeves are meant to be stuffed with your choice of insides, either our prefolds, or inserts, or any other brand can fit, including microfiber inserts typically used for pocket diapers. To use those, just stuff and go. When baby goes, just toss the whole thing in the laundry, and no unstuffing needed. For poopy diapers, simply pull the inside out of the unsoiled end (you stay clean!) and rinse the SoftSleeve under water to clean, mess-free.

The Insides we offer in the Sprout Change Booster Starter Kits are a little more rectangular, intended to be used as a one-size prefold. The other prefolds we offer are more sized: size 1 is smaller for babies less than 15 pounds, size 2 is larger for over 15 pounds.

No matter what you put in our SoftSleeves, they add a really nice soft layer next to baby's skin and even better, it gets you one more diaper change really inexpensively. By using our SoftSleeves, you can retrofit any existing diaper system to a new and improved version for less than $5.

To Use:

1. Fold the Inside to match baby’s size
2. Fill the SoftSleeve
3. Set inside Shell (or any diaper cover or on top of any pocket diaper) and close diaper around baby.

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