Dryer Balls? Huh?

Are you looking for a more natural alternative to fabric softeners or dryer sheets? Do you want to soften your clothes without chemicals?

Then EveryDay Willow Wool Dryer Balls are your new best friend. They're actually really simple, and they work well.

So let's look at the benefits:

They reduce drying time.

They soften your clothes.

They're all natural, and of course made in the USA.

So how do they do all this?

Glad you asked!

Wool dryer balls work to reduce the time it takes to dry clothes (any clothes) by rolling around in the dryer and helping to circulate the clothes around more, which increases the airflow, and in turns gives the clothes more access to air to dry faster. Also, as the clothes circulate around more, they in turn will become softer, all without the need of any chemicals or disposable dryer sheets.

And plus, they last for years! Now who doesn't love that?

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