What about Daycare?

So how exactly are Sprout Change "Daycare Friendly"?

We've been talking for a while now about how Sprout Change works great with daycares. Because of our unique system, you can customize it to fit your family's needs, actually very easily. Let's take a look why:

1. Closure:
      With our no-hassle snaps, you know exactly where to close the diaper cover, and you get the right fit every time, without guessing.

2. Sizing:
      Shell: Once you size the Shell, it's done. You don't have to think about it for many months, (you typically don't have to re-adjust the size more than 3 or 4 times from birth to potty). It won't come undone, and you can set it and forget it.

      Inserts: Super Saver Inserts (and Boosters too!) are one-size. When you put the diaper on, all you need to do is fold down the extra length for a smaller baby, either in the front or the back. Bigger babies, don't have to be folded at all.

3. Changing the Diaper:
      When you change the diaper you get choices. Some daycares are flexible, and willing to re-use the cover until soiled, others require a new cover each diaper change. Sprout Change can do this!
      Either way, Sprout Change makes a great fit. Diaper changes are lightning fast, without any guesswork, and you can reuse the shell if you want, or wash it every time (you'll just need a few more covers, that's all!)

4. Cost:
     Sprout Change is one of the most economical cloth diapering options available. For less than $185, you can completely cloth diaper your baby from birth to potty training. You can afford to have a few extra inserts to get a few more diaper changes for emergencies, and not have to worry about the high cost that can sometimes be associated with reusables. (even though you will save so much over the cost of disposables!) and re-using the Shell means you save even more!

Basically, we have taken the huge learning curve that frequently comes with cloth diapers, and simplified it so it's easy to use, diaper changes are fast and fuss-free. With the versatility of Sprout Change, you can customize our system to fit your family's needs.

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