Sizing Your Super Saver Inserts

Super Saver Inserts are one-size inserts that are extra trim, yet really absorbent. Using Super Saver Inserts in Sprout Change Shells means you can cloth diaper for about $11 per diaper change, or less than $180 for your whole system from birth to potty training. Our system is uniquely adjustable, and they do actually fit well on newborns, so you really can use them straight from birth.

Super Saver Inserts work great inside of Sprout Change Shells. To size them, all you need to do is set it in the Shell, and if you have the Shell sized for a smaller baby, then simply fold over the excess insert, either in the front (especially for boys) or back.

Super Saver Inserts can be easily used in almost any other diaper system as well, even pocket diapers. They work great if you want a low-cost way to add a few extra diaper changes to your stash.

If you have a heavy wetter, it is best to either double up the inserts, or choose the organic, which has 3 extremely absorbent layers of hemp fleece underneath the extra soft organic cotton layer.

If you have an even heavier wetter (think niagara falls!) or for extended use, like a longer than average overnight sleeper, you can easily add a second insert as needed.

There’s no snaps to mess with, and the inserts do stay in place well. If it seems like the insert is slipping, chances are the insert was folded too small (try folding it a little less next time). You should also check to see if the diaper is sized snugly (not tight) on baby. If it’s still loose, then adjust the size as needed. With the elastic adjustments, you can easily get the best customized fit for your baby’s shape.

Super Saver Inserts are the perfect way to cloth diaper! Cost-effective and simple to use, without compromising on quality and absorbency.

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