Why Sprout Change?

Finally, cloth diapers are becoming popular! I love that more and more people are considering and choosing to use reusable diapers. It is estimated that up to 10% of babies in diapers are using cloth. Just a few years ago, the numbers were less than half that. This is great!
The demand for cloth diapers has been growing exponentially, and with that, the numbers of manufacturers grows each year. So why bother to offer yet another brand?

Here’s the thing. So many of the other brands are really very similar. They work the same, with a few little details here and there. Not Sprout Change.

I have been cloth diapering since my first was born in 2002 (we have 4 children). Since then I have seen things change a lot. So many more options are available now than ever. Each of the different kinds of of diapers work great for certain types of kids or certain needs, like heavy wetters, etc.

So, what makes Sprout Change different?

One-size, custom fit
    Adjusts to your baby-from 5-40 pounds
    Get the best fit, fast, the first time
    You can even adjust the diaper while baby is wearing it
    No guessing which snap to use, even daycares love it
    Set it and forget it (no worrying about the setting coming undone)

Fits your lifestyle and your budget
    Unique Reversible Shell-you get two colors in one
    Each diaper change costs you less-re-use the shell for more savings

Plus.... There’s so much more! Sprout Change is a combination of the best of cloth diapers, all contained in one diaper that is so versatile! Read here for more.

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